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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get Paid to Read Text Messages with Cash Texts

Text messages are becoming the fastest way for advertisers to reach customers on the go and point them to deals, sales, special offers etc. I've signed up for text alerts with many of the stores and websites I shop at and enjoy getting the quick little blasts of info on my phone. These alerts have saved me money and time while out and about when running errands and shopping. Now, just imagine if you could actually make money by reading text messages from a variety of advertisers.

Well now you can! Cash Texts is a new business opportunity that is in the start up phase and needs people like me and you to sign up to receive paid text messages from their clients. They pay .05 per message received by you and .03 per message received by your referrals down 5 levels. You also have a chance of winning larger amounts of cash with every message you read. This concept might be familiar to those of you who already participate in the Get Paid To Read Email or Click on Ads type of programs.

I have not made any money yet with this company since they are still in start up mode but I was willing to get in now before it takes off and wanted to pass the info on to my readers. Signup is FREE of course and I can't promise how much or when anyone will begin to make money. Since it is FREE there is no risk to get in now and see what happens. The more people that sign on to receive texts the more influence and appeal the company will have in recruiting new advertisers. Over 60,000 have joined as of today! Sign up here at Cash Texts and start telling friends about it. There is also a short video on that page which should help with any questions you have!  

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  1. This sounds interesting. I'm intrigued. Just nervous about tons of texts...even though I have unlimited. 
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  2. Elaine, I WISH I were getting tons of texts from Cash Texts, but this is not the case. Right now they are still in startup mode trying to build up membership. I don't think there is any danger at the moment of Cash Texts blowing up your phone :). What I am getting from them are texts called Cash Perks which earn you "perk points" when your visiting the links and when your referrals visit the links. They also make it quite easy to share those links on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. Eventually, they say the points will be converted to a cash value.


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