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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Buzz on PollBuzzer - Refreshing New Take on Paid Surveys

I've recommended many survey sites on this blog. But I have to say that PollBuzzer is the most intriguing one I've found to date. Most survey sites will invite you to many different surveys that you may or may not qualify for. You may leave a survey feeling cheated after spending several minutes answering questions before they tell you that you are disqualified. Or, if you do invest 15 - 20 minutes for a measly .50 payment you might question if it was worth your time to participate. Well, Pollbuzzer doesn't waste your time or leave you feeling underpaid. Their concept is very simple. Answer a 1 question survey and get paid $1. That's it! It took me 15 seconds to read one question, click my answer and earn a $1 paypal payment which arrived within 24 hours. Actually, I've taken 6 one question Pollbuzzer surveys and gotten paid $6 dollars so far.  I wish all survey sites would adopt this payment plan! Pollbuzzer is my newest favorite easy and fun no-risk extra income generator!    

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  1. Hey thanks- I love survey and virtual currency sites. I have signed up with a couple of the ones you have advertised on your site- hope it helps you and thank you for helping me!!!

    1. That's great Lisa! Glad you found some helpful sites here. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to subscribe or follow this blog for future updates.

  2. Hi Best Mommy,

    It's Elaine from Ehow and LM5. How are things with LM5? I have a little something new that I'm trying. (The 10K challenge) I talk about it a little in my blog here.
    Adventures Making Money Online
    or you can check it out here too:  

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Nothing good happening at LM5, haven't written any new lists in over a year. Thanks for stopping by! Your links wouldn't work for me. Try them again so I can check it out.


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