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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do You Beezag? I Try to Beezag Everyday!

Yeah, I know it's a funny name but I am a big fan of this easy as pie money making website. You may have heard of PTC (paid to click) sites where you make a small amount of cash for every ad you click and view for a specific time period. Well, Beezag is very similar to these sites but much more entertaining and interesting. Every short video you view on Beezag comes with a point reward. Points accumulate in your account and can be cashed in for Paypal deposits when you reach the 8000 point minimum, which equates to $8.00. I've made payout several times painlessly. The videos they provide are cutting edge ads for new products that also come with a rebate offer attached. If you choose to make a purchase after watching a Beezag video you will earn a percentage back on that purchase. You are in no way obligated to buy anything you've seen and you still rack up points just for watching. 

I hope you check it out and consider joining. I have Beezag marked in my favorites list and visit everyday to increase my points balance, takes literally 3-4 minutes a day to be successful with this site. They also provide facebook and twitter share buttons so you can tell your friends and followers about your favorite Beezag videos. If anyone joins through your link you'll earn 10% of the points they earn and increase your points balance even faster. 

How to Shop for FREE at Amazon.com will show you how to earn Amazon rewards and make purchases without spending any of your "real money." Hope to see you there!


  1. I was going to sign up but they don't want people from my area. :(

  2. Wow, Sarah...I'm so sorry. I just read on their site that you need to be a US resident. I didn't notice that when I signed up. I hope you find other sites to work with and make some money.


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