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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Many Times Have You Passed on Ebates?

One of my favorite shopping portal sites is Ebates! Whenever you shop thru this site and make a purchase from one of their retail partners you will receive a cashback rebate. They are getting so huge and are reaching out beyond the internet. I was pleasantly surprised to see a TV commercial for them a few days ago! They've redesigned and improved their website and made it easier to keep track of purchases, referrals, cashback, etc.  Ebates was great before, but the updated site makes things even more user friendly.

Online shopping is becoming so commonplace these days and if you've been doing it without registering for an ebates account you're losing money.  With over 1200 retailers in the ebates partner program chances are you've shopped with at least one of them in the past.  But if you didn't have an ebates account and you didn't click thru to the retailer from the ebates portal you didn't receive any cashback on your purchases and you also may have missed out on coupon codes, free shipping deals, daily double specials, and more.

So if you've seen ebates online, seen the commercials, seen a local news report on how others are using the site to save and make money and still haven't joined, what are you waiting for? It literally takes 15 seconds or less to do so. There is no obligation to purchase anything and your membership is totally FREE!  Plus, after making your first purchase ($25 min) from any of the 1200 retailers, you'll also receive a $5 new member bonus!

So you might be thinking, well I understand that I can save money by shopping thru ebates but how do I make money? It's very simple. All you need to do is join, make your first purchase of at least $25 and start telling your friends about ebates. You'll get your own referral link that will track back to you when someone joins from your recommendation. You can post your link on facebook, twitter, send out emails to friends, etc. For every qualified referral you'll earn a $5 bonus and so will they!

It gets even better than this because Ebates often runs referral promotions and gives away even more bonus money and cool prizes when you refer others. Right now, they're offering Flip cameras, iPads, $1500 shopping sprees, or $3000 Vacations.  The more people you refer the bigger the prize!

So if you're still not an Ebates member, don't pass up the opportunity again. Just signup right now before you surf off to somewhere else. It'll be the most rewarding 15 seconds of your day! Happy Shopping and earning with Ebates!

How to Shop for FREE at Amazon.com will show you how to earn Amazon rewards and make purchases without spending any of your "real money." Hope to see you there!


  1. i am a member of about 75% of the sites you have listed on your blog, i especially love swagbucks, sponsored tweets, opinion outpost and youdata, all of which have paid me time and again!

    i am curious if youve tried beezag where you get paid to view videos. they pay via paypal and the cashout limit is pretty low. you should check it out. if you sign up i would love to have you as my referral


    but if youd rather not sign up under me thats okay too.
    thanks for the great list of money earners, theres a few on your site that i want to check out


  2. Hey Jenn,
    Thanks for the tip on beezag--I just signed up through your link and have viewed a few videos and earned some points. Looks like a fun site. Hope you find something new here to try. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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