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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do You Beezag? I Try to Beezag Everyday!

Yeah, I know it's a funny name but I am a big fan of this easy as pie money making website. You may have heard of PTC (paid to click) sites where you make a small amount of cash for every ad you click and view for a specific time period. Well, Beezag is very similar to these sites but much more entertaining and interesting. Every short video you view on Beezag comes with a point reward. Points accumulate in your account and can be cashed in for Paypal deposits when you reach the 8000 point minimum, which equates to $8.00. I've made payout several times painlessly. The videos they provide are cutting edge ads for new products that also come with a rebate offer attached. If you choose to make a purchase after watching a Beezag video you will earn a percentage back on that purchase. You are in no way obligated to buy anything you've seen and you still rack up points just for watching. 

I hope you check it out and consider joining. I have Beezag marked in my favorites list and visit everyday to increase my points balance, takes literally 3-4 minutes a day to be successful with this site. They also provide facebook and twitter share buttons so you can tell your friends and followers about your favorite Beezag videos. If anyone joins through your link you'll earn 10% of the points they earn and increase your points balance even faster. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unclaimed Cash Could be Waiting for You!

How would you like some FREE money to start off the holiday season? Find YOUR unclaimed money for FREE with this coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY!
The unclaimed money pile is currently in the BILLIONS. Most Americans have some form of unclaimed money waiting to be claimed, but are completely unaware! Cashunclaimed.com is the largest unclaimed money database in the world! They have access to BOTH state and federal records, allowing the BEST and FASTEST unclaimed money search, allowing you to maximize YOUR unclaimed money findings! Let Cashunclaimed.com find YOUR unclaimed money for you just in time for the holidays!


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Chobani CHOmobile - ad

Chobani CHOmobile  - ad
Win a weekend getaway to any of Chobani CHOmobile’s stops! Check them out on facebook to play!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take Surveys at Clixsense Research

If you enjoy taking surveys to earn money, gift cards and other prizes check out Clixsense Research. It's totally FREE to join and you'll have the opportunity to earn Amazon Rewards, Dining Dough gift certificates or Prepaid Mastercards. If the name sounds familiar that's because it's a sister site of the very successful PTC (Paid to Click) site called Clixsense.com. Paid to Click sites pay members a small amount for each link or add they click on and view. Spend a few minutes each day clicking and watch your balance grow. Join both of these sites and you'll have 2 more sources of online income!  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Mom's Online Money Makers!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Half Price Gift Cards to National Stores - Sponsored Post

Half Price Gift Cards to the top brands & websites. DailyOwl.com is like Groupon but with national brands. http://www.dailyowl.com?1=ML

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Help Japan with Swagbucks-Donations Now Being Accepted!

If you've read this blog before, chances are you know what a huge fan I am of SWAGBUCKS! Besides the awesome prizes they offer us, they are also a very charitable website. Just as they've done in the past, when natural disaster strikes and people are in need of help, they are stepping up once again and allowing us to donate our Swagbucks to an organization called All Hands Volunteers who are helping the people of Japan after being devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami.  I made a 350 Swagbuck donation this morning and it felt great knowing I could help in this way! Please consider giving some of your swagbucks to this cause and if you're not yet a member of Swagbucks but would like to donate (without using your real money) just signup for free and start searching and winning swagbucks.  You can donate as little as 5 swagbucks, which you should be able to accumulate in less than one day. I know money is tight for many, and donating to charity may be difficult, but now everyone can help a little bit without sacrificing their own finances thanks to our friends at Swagbucks!  


If you're not yet a Swagbucks member, signup here and use the special code "HelpJapan" to get an extra 50 Swagbucks for becoming a new member.  After joining, start searching and watch your Swagbucks grow. Please consider sharing some of your winnings with the people of Japan  : )

Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's Celebrate With Swagbucks! It's BirthdayTime!

My most favorite of all websites for earning Reward Points and Free Stuff is turning 3 years old.  Over the past 3 years Swagbucks has grown and expanded into such an amazing opportunity. They've got over 100,000 Twitter followers and almost 400,000 Facebook fans. Some of the most popular prizes Swagbucks offers are gift cards and Paypal deposits. Yes, real money is one of the rewards you can earn! My favorite prize is the Amazon Rewards. But there are hundreds more to choose from. No strings. No gimmicks. Just use Swagbucks to perform a variety of tasks you already do online like search, shop, play games, watch videos and lots more. Forget about those other rewards sites where your prize choices are limited to magazine subscriptions and obsolete merchandise no one wants. You will be excited about the prizes at Swagbucks!

So here's what's going to be happening..... 
Swagbucks (the best place on the web for free stuff) has a birthday celebration planned for February 28th and it's going to be HUGE! It'll feature a bunch of Swag Codes, a new look and feel for the Swagbucks Blog and the launch of two new features, one of which will redefine the way you use their search function. You definitely won't want to miss it, so be sure that you're on the site bright and early the morning of the 28th for your chance to earn big and be a part of the biggest birthday celebration on the web! 

Starting today Monday, February 21st at 6am EST thru 11:59pm EST on Monday, February 28th Swagbucks is welcoming new members with an extra 35 Swagbucks when they sign up using the code BirthdayTime. So instead of the usual 30 Swagbucks new members get, you'll get 65 to start off with as long as you enter the code mentioned above on the signup page! (This is an exclusive code Swagbucks has given to a select group of bloggers to help spread the word about the birthday bash.)

So if you're not yet a member of Swagbucks signup now and start earning Free Stuff! And don't forget to use BirthdayTime (just copy and paste) on the signup form.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

I Cashed Out at Instant Cash Sweepstakes

If you're looking for another easy no-bainer fun site to add to your online income portfolio you should check out Instant Cash Sweepstakes.  Like many of the other websites I recommend, ICS is FREE to join and very simple to use. I try to visit their site at least once a day to increase my account balance. Here's a quick explanation of how ICS works and how you can make money there.

If you enjoy taking surveys, you'll love ICS. It's not your typical survey site, its more fast paced and fun! Their surveys are very short and sweet and with each one you take you win a prize. You could win a few cents (real money) or a certain number of tickets and/or coins to enter into their daily sweepstakes.  Every 4 hours they give away a $2 sweepstakes prize and every day they give away a $50 sweepstakes prize to one of their members.  These sweepstakes prizes are in addition to the cash you randomly might win immediately after completing each survey.

Plus, if you invite others to join the site, you win matching prizes from your referrals winnings. So every time your friends take a survey and earn a few cents, so do you. You also win matching coins and tickets to enter into the sweepstakes as well.

Give it a try and see how fun and easy it is.

The minimum amount to cash out to your paypal account is $2.00. I requested a cashout of $2.03 at 1:50pm on 2/13 and received it at 8:31pm the same day. They said it could take up to 72hrs, so I was very happy to see it hit my Paypal account so fast. So far, I'm very happy with my experience at ICS and higly recommend the site as a legitimate money making opportunity (and tons of fun to boot!).

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Many Times Have You Passed on Ebates?

One of my favorite shopping portal sites is Ebates! Whenever you shop thru this site and make a purchase from one of their retail partners you will receive a cashback rebate. They are getting so huge and are reaching out beyond the internet. I was pleasantly surprised to see a TV commercial for them a few days ago! They've redesigned and improved their website and made it easier to keep track of purchases, referrals, cashback, etc.  Ebates was great before, but the updated site makes things even more user friendly.

Online shopping is becoming so commonplace these days and if you've been doing it without registering for an ebates account you're losing money.  With over 1200 retailers in the ebates partner program chances are you've shopped with at least one of them in the past.  But if you didn't have an ebates account and you didn't click thru to the retailer from the ebates portal you didn't receive any cashback on your purchases and you also may have missed out on coupon codes, free shipping deals, daily double specials, and more.

So if you've seen ebates online, seen the commercials, seen a local news report on how others are using the site to save and make money and still haven't joined, what are you waiting for? It literally takes 15 seconds or less to do so. There is no obligation to purchase anything and your membership is totally FREE!  Plus, after making your first purchase ($25 min) from any of the 1200 retailers, you'll also receive a $5 new member bonus!

So you might be thinking, well I understand that I can save money by shopping thru ebates but how do I make money? It's very simple. All you need to do is join, make your first purchase of at least $25 and start telling your friends about ebates. You'll get your own referral link that will track back to you when someone joins from your recommendation. You can post your link on facebook, twitter, send out emails to friends, etc. For every qualified referral you'll earn a $5 bonus and so will they!

It gets even better than this because Ebates often runs referral promotions and gives away even more bonus money and cool prizes when you refer others. Right now, they're offering Flip cameras, iPads, $1500 shopping sprees, or $3000 Vacations.  The more people you refer the bigger the prize!

So if you're still not an Ebates member, don't pass up the opportunity again. Just signup right now before you surf off to somewhere else. It'll be the most rewarding 15 seconds of your day! Happy Shopping and earning with Ebates!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Your $20 Amazon Gift Card for only $10 Today at Living Social

Just wanted to tell you about this awesome ONE DAY DEAL from Living Social.  Today only, 1/19/2011, pay just $10 for a $20 Amazon Gift Card.  That's 50% off at the most popular online retailer where you can find just about anything! I'm using mine to get more Kindle books for my kids. Happy Shopping!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing You a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family and are recharged and ready to get back to work and make 2011 the best year ever! I plan to keep working on increasing my online income and I wish you the greatest success in doing the same. Please comment and share any websites or strategies you've been using to make money online. Have you found success with any of the opportunities I've posted here on this blog or from any other sources? I'm always curious to see what is working well for others and would love to hear any recommendations you might have for increasing online income in the new year.  Thanks to all my followers and subscribers who've shown an interest in this blog, tweeted a post, re-tweeted any of my tweets, left comments or suggestions, etc. I really appreciate the support and communication. Much happiness, good health and success to you all in 2011!


How to Shop for FREE at Amazon.com will show you how to earn Amazon rewards and make purchases without spending any of your "real money." Hope to see you there!


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