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Friday, December 17, 2010

Join SwagBucks by 12/31/10 & Get 60 Bonus Bucks! Give to Charities for FREE!

I've had such an awesome experience with Swagbucks since joining the site in December of last year. I've been earning Swagbucks by searching the internet, taking surveys, participating in the daily polls and special offers and watching some cool videos just to name a few options for earning SB's. The most amazing way I earn Swagbucks is from my referrals searches. You can too (up to 1000) per referreral once you signup and start telling your friends. So even on the days that I may be offline and busy with other things I still earn Swagbucks from what my friends are searching for!

I have not spent one penny in order to accumulate $210 in Amazon rewards and $20 in Paypal deposits. I've even donated some of my Swagbucks to the Haiti Relief fund which Swagbucks organized after the earthquake struck. Besides being a fun site to make money with, they are also a very charitable site that offers members the option to donate to worthy causes. Right now they are taking donations for their Holiday Charity drive. When I say donations, I mean "Swagbucks" not real money. So even if you're feeling the pinch of the recession and can't donate your "real money" to charity Swagbucks will allow you to use your SB's as a donation to help others this holiday season. They will convert the total amount of donated Swagbucks, up to $100,000 into "real money" that will be split between TOYS for TOTS and ST JUDE'S CHILDRENS RESEARCH HOSPITAL.  The deadline to donate is 12/20/10 so signup today and start searching if you'd like to help either of these wonderful charities. 

Wait, I almost forgot to tell you the other reason you should signup up immediately....the 60 Bonus Bucks!

Now through 12/31, when you signup at Swagbucks enter the code: JoinIn2010 (case sensitive) and you will receive a grand total of 60 Swag Bucks (that’s 30 more than usual) to get you started!! Give them away to the Holiday Charity drive or stockpile them and combine them with all the swagbucks you'll win by searching with Swagbucks. If you start now, just think of all the gift cards you could have to spend on next years Christmas gifts!

Ready to experience the power of Swagbucks? Signup HERE--enter code JoinIn2010 to get double the swagbucks until 12/31/10! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Enjoy this time of year with family and friends! 


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