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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing My New Blog "How to Shop for FREE at Amazon.com"

If you've been following this blog then you've probably noticed that many of the sites I participate in not only provide me with some extra cash, but some of them also offer another type of currency as payment for my efforts and that currency is Amazon rewards! Since I've noticed that more and more sites are offering Amazon rewards and I've been having great success accumulating those rewards I thought I would focus specifically on that subject in a new blog. So.....drum roll please.... I cordially invite you to visit

If you haven't shopped Amazon in the past or think that Amazon is only good for books and CD's you'd be pleasantly surprised to learn that Amazon stocks thousands of different items from electronics to clothing to groceries. Purchasing these things with Amazon rewards that you can earn online could make a huge dent in your household expenses.  The money you'll be saving could be used elsewhere....maybe to pay down debt, save for a new car or down payment on your first house or to build up your child's college fund, etc. 

This new blog will explain in greater detail the many strategies I use to accumulate Amazon rewards. If you're one of the millions of Amazon shoppers who have a wish list of items that keeps growing and growing then you won't want to miss out on the info I will be providing there.

Mom's Online Money Makers will remain open and I'll continue to post about more online money making experiences in the future. Hope to see some familiar faces at How to Shop for FREE at Amazon.com!  Please stop by and join me on my journey to shopping for FREE at Amazon.com.  : )
Have a great day! 

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