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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Just Got a Raise From MyLikes!

When I joined MyLikes 2 months ago my payment per click was .21. When I logged in today I noticed that my payment per click had been increased to .28!! Yeah, MYLIKES! Yeah, ME! I believe this increase is due to a combination of gaining more twitter followers, consistently posting sponsored links and getting clicks on those links.

So what does this mean? It means that I now have a larger sponsor pool to choose from and can make more money per tweet per day. Sponsors that I did not previously qualify to post for have now become available to me. I can still choose to post links from sponsors that offer less pay per tweet if I want to as well. It's more variety to choose from and the potential to make more money every week. So far I've been paid twice for a total of $4.66 and have a balance of $1.21 in my account. If I make the $2.00 minimum by Friday I should see another paypal deposit by Friday evening.

If you use twitter and would like to give MyLikes a try just click the button below and sign up for FREE!

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