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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saving Money with Printable and Electronic Coupons is Easy to Do!

You know I love finding ways to make money online that are free and easy and fun, right? Well I also love finding unique ways to save money on my purchases as well. I am by no means what you would call a "coupon queen" or one of those shoppers that can get a cartload of groceries for $2.97, but I do try to get my share of grocery deals, when the inspiration strikes me. It does take a lot of organization and planning to shop strategically and save the most money on your grocery bill. Here's a few ways I've found to make it easier for an unorganized person like myself to do just that.

1) I always use my rewards card. I keep it on my keychain so it's usually with me at all times. If you don't scan your rewards card you won't get the sale prices advertised on the shelves at most stores. And ladies, if hubby decides to do the grocery shopping, remind him about the card. :) If he forgets to bring in the card the cashier should be able to look it up with your telephone number and apply the appropriate discounts.

2) I try very hard to use coupons but hate clipping them out of the papers and then organizing them and keeping track of the expiration dates. I find that I never use them all and wind up throwing away so many expired ones that I wonder if my time was wasted on all that clipping. Lately, I've been using COUPON SURFER and just printing the ones I need right before my shopping trip. This is much faster and easier than going through the paper flyers and of course it's free! Just sign up at the highlighted link and print away.

3) I register my rewards cards with electronic coupon sites that automatically load more discounts to my cards. I'm really excited about this option that I recently started taking advantage of. Go to Shortcuts.com and cellfire.com and register your cards. Right now, Kroger is the only store in my area that participates with these sites but check it our for yourself and see if you have any stores locally that you can register for.

4) Harris Teeter has a similar online discount system where you sign up for their emails and get extra E-VIC savings loaded to your card automatically. These are usually extra savings on top of the weekly VIC specials and if you combine these with paper coupons printed at COUPON SURFER or clipped from flyers you can save even more.

So before heading out to the grocery store use these strategies and see how much you can save. For more great tips on saving money on groceries check out Jamie at I am a Money Magnet. She's got some really amazing tips and strategies on getting the most for your grocery dollars.

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