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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ebates + Restaurant.com = Incredible Deals! $100 GCs for only $5.60!

By combining Ebates and Restaurant.com today (9/22/10) you can purchase restaurant gift certificates at amazing savings!  I just purchased a $10 gift certificate to a local restaurant and it only cost me 56 cents!
Yes, 56 cents...that's 2 quarters, a nickel and a penny....that's less than what you'd probably find right now jingling in the bottom of your purse.  So how do you get this deal?

1) Signup for Ebates ....if you're not already a member getting cashback rebates on your online purchases. Ebates is free to join and you'll also get a $5 new member bonus after you make your first $20 purchase. Ebates normally refunds 15% cashback on Restaurant.com purchases, but today Restaurant.com is the "daily double" retailer so you'll get an amazing 30% cashback on orders placed today (9/22/2010)

2) Find Restaurant.com in the list of stores on the Ebates.com site and click thru the link.. You will see a new screen pop up with a tracking number that will mark your visit and keep track of the purchases you make at Restaurant.com.

3) Find local restaurants that are old favorites or be daring and try a new place at a deep discount. Select your gift certificates and be sure to read the fine print for any restrictions and minimum purchase amounts.

4) When you're finished selecting gift certificates go to your cart and enter the code "SHARE" in the promo code box and you will see an 80% discount deducted from your total, which is amazing in itself, but since you've clicked thru from the ebates site you'll also get a 30% rebate credited to your ebates account in a few days.

Here are some examples of possible purchases and savings:

$10 GC regular price is $4 - 80% = .80 less 30% ebates cashback = .56 final cost of $10 GC!
$25 GC regular price is $10 - 80% = $2.00 less 30% ebates cashback = $1.40 final cost of $25 GC!
$50 GC regular price is $20 - 80% = $4.00 less 30% ebates cashback = $2.80 final cost of $50 GC!
$75 GC regular price is $30 - 80% = $6.00 less 30% ebates cashback = $4.20 final cost of $75 GC!
$100 GC regular price is $40 - 80% = $8.00 less 30% ebates cashback = $5.60 final cost of $100 GC!

I hope you find some wonderful local restaurants to treat yourself to!  And remember to go back to ebates.com whenever you need to make an online purchase. You'll find over 1200 retail partners that provide you with cashback, discount codes and shipping deals! You might even win an iPad or another great prize for telling your friends about ebates.  

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