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Friday, August 6, 2010

Mom's Online Money Makers Gets Makeover!

I don't know if you've noticed but this blog was having some serious template and layout issues over the past month or so.  Things were not where they were supposed to be. I was trying different designs and colors and I honestly thought I had messed it up beyond repair. My sidebar had decided to jump down below my blogposts and stubbornly make it's home there. No matter how many times I dragged and dropped the layout boxes into other configurations I could not get things to stick to where I wanted them. The Blogger templates were not cooperating at all and I grew very frustrated, so I backed away from this site and just let it be for a few weeks. It was still here but it was not pretty! I do take full responsibility because all of this was probably some careless HTML mistake that I had no clue I had made at the time.   

In the meantime, my family and I enjoyed some summer vacation fun and I spent more time on my other Amazon blog which was behaving properly and caused me little to no frustration.  Kind of like kids, we enjoying spending more time with the sweet agreeable ones, don't we?  : )

Anyway, I'm happy to say that MOMM is back in business with a new template and more organized appearance, or so it seems at the moment.  Hopefully, I can keep things in order from now on.  Hope you enjoy the new look!

Has anyone else had any issues like this with their Blogger blogs lately?  

I hope you're all enjoying your summer and have some fun things planned for what's left of it!

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