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Thursday, April 15, 2010

SurveyHead Payment Received Today!

One of the sites that I've been taking surveys for is called Surveyhead and today (4/15/2010) I received my first payment from them. The paypal email below says the payment came from United Sample which kind of threw me for a minute, but it is indeed my SurveyHead payment.

I usually get a few survey invitations per week from them. Each survey is worth a different amount of money based on how much time it will take and how difficult it will be to qualify.

Before agreeing to take a survey you can go to the site and review a list of available surveys with each one being assigned a qualification chance percentage and monetary reward. Meaning, they tell you your chances of qualifying and how much you will be paid if you complete the entire survey. For example, one survey might say 80% of people will qualify and the payment will be $2.00 and another might say only 15% of people will qualify and the payment will be $7. When you combine this with the estimated time involved you can prioritize them. If you don't qualify for the survey you've chosen, you will usually find this out after the first few screening questions and then you can move on to another.

I'm quite happy with this site so far since they do offer many survey opportunities and decent pay for each one. I was able to build up my account balance in a few months to meet the $25 minimum cashout requirement and since cashing out I've earned another $7.00.

One negative factor is that it took almost 5 weeks to see the paypal payment of $27.95 (pic below) hit my account. Not a big deal, since they do tell you upfront that payment takes about 4 weeks, so in the mean time I continued taking surveys for them and built up my balance again which has gotten me closer to achieving my next cashout.

Thumbs up for Surveyhead!
Yes, of course, this is another FREE to join site!

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  1. This is proof that online surveys are legitimate as long as you choose the right ones.

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