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Monday, April 26, 2010

Redgage--Upload and Earn--Backlink to Your Content

Some of you may already use Redgage and I'd love to get some feedback on your experience with the site. So far it's been really fun and easy to work with. A little slow at times when uploading videos but no major bugs or frustrations.

Anyway, if you don't know about Redgage you might want to check it out to see how it could benefit what you've done so far online. They allow you to post photos, links to your other content, videos, documents and blogs. Since my ehow writer friends who've been accepted to DS will not be able to use their own photos on their new DS articles this would be a good place to post them. I've posted links to my ehow, triond and infobarrel articles, as well as personal photos and videos too.

Here's my profile page if you're curious to see how it works. They pay you by the 1000 page views and if any of your content is chosen to be featured on their homepage you get a bonus. I've only been a member for a week and this video got featured  so I got a $4.50 bonus! Payment is made by Visa Debit Card when you reach the minimum of $25.

So here's how to use Redgage to your advantage. Think about all of the content you've put online since you've started your online income adventures. This could be blogs, articles, product websites, pictures, YouTube Videos, etc. Even family photos and videos on your computer that you don't mind sharing with the world can be posted on Redgage. Some folks use it as an archival system for all their memories. Anyway, whenever someone clicks on any of your Redgage posts you'll make a small amount of money. The more things you add to your Redgage account the more earning potential you will create. So if you want more traffic to your blogs or articles linking them on Regage will help do that. You'll get a double benefit by using Redgage. First, the link will drive more traffic to your site and the post that contains the link will earn you money when others click it.

And yes, of course Redgage is FREE to join!  If you do sign up please use "bestmommy" as the referrer.

Feel free to ask questions or leave any comments about your experience with Redgage. 

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