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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Upgrade Your Banking Experience with a $25 bonus!

Are you tired of checking account fees, minimum balance requirements, and miniscule interest rates? Are you looking for a better way to save your money, pay your bills and have greater control and convenience when managing your household finances? Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on postage and checks? My favorite bank has an awesome offer that I'm so excited to tell you about.

I've been using this exceptional online bank since 2000 for several types of accounts including checking, savings, CD's and IRA's. They offer FREE interest bearing checking and unlimited savings accounts with easy online billpay services and higher interest rates than most brick and mortar banks you may be dealing with locally.

You can open as many savings accounts as you like and create automatic deposits which will help you save towards whatever goals you are trying to reach. For example, we have a Christmas account, Vacation account, Home Improvement account, New Car account, etc. There are never any fees or minimum balance requirements so you are free to open as many accounts as you need to help stay organized in reaching your savings goals. Sure beats the old method of keeping cash in separate envelopes...yeah, I do remember those days. LOL!

And although this is an online bank, they have hundreds of FREE ATM's where you can access your accounts, take withdrawals, transfer cash between accounts, check your balance etc. for FREE!

Another awesome feature of this bank is that they are currently offering a $25 bonus when you open a new account with a minimum deposit of $250. Remember when banks used to give you a toaster or iron when you opened an account? Wouldn't we all just like some more CASH instead?

Just send me an email at

bestmommy@momsonlinemoneymakers.com with the subject line "Savings Account $25 bonus"

and I'll send you an invitation with a special link that will qualify you for the new account bonus. I'll get a bonus too and after you open your new account you'll be able to refer others and start earning more bonuses by telling your friends about a better way to bank. Hurry up and send me your email address as this bonus offer expires March 31st, 2010! Or, you can also leave your email address in the comments section. Don't worry, I moderate my comments so I promise not to publish your email address to protect your privacy. I'll only use it to send you the bank invitation. Without this bank I'd probably still be using envelopes to budget my money, trying to save up for the many goals our family is working towards.

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  1. Your post interests me...except I don't have the startup money yet lol! Thanks for sharing the online banking bonus with your friends.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    If you can't do the $250 but still want to check it out send me your email anyway. You should be able to open an account for less, you just wouldn't qualify for the $25 bonus. Thanks for the comment!


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