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Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting Referrals Through Facebook Fan Pages

The popularity of Facebook these days is just astounding to me. I have to admit I was a holdout for about a year. I looked at it as more of a teen hangout and thought I wouldn't have the time or desire to use it. Well, I'm slowly learning the ropes and having fun reconnecting with some old friends and keeping in touch with far away family members.

Facebook is also a great place for businesses to connect with their customers on "fan" pages and where their customers can chat and share information with each other as well. So yesterday, I tried something new with Facebook and it worked out great!

Here's what I did. I became a "fan" of one of the retail websites that are in the ebates rebate program. I read their wall posts which were mostly blurbs about sales and coupons they were promoting. I then commented about how much I love that particular site/store and the great deals they offer and I also mentioned that I save even more by starting my shopping through ebates and left my ebates referral link. I just noticed this morning that I had 7 new ebates referrals after posting that comment and several "likes" from total strangers that read my comment. Pretty cool, huh?

FYI-If you're thinking about using facebook fan pages to promote one of your sites/programs just be sure your comment is relevant to the topic of the page so you don't come off as a link spammer and possibly get reported by others which could lead to getting banned from the page.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

MyLikes - Get Paid to Like Things--Works w/Twitter and Your Blog

Here's another interesting and FREE to join No Risk online income opportunity. If you blog or use twitter or better yet both, MyLikes would be a perfect addition to your online income portfolio.

HOW IT WORKS: You get paid when others click a sponsored link you've posted about a product, website, etc. There are a variety of sponsored links (advertisers) so it's not difficult to find something to LIKE and tell others about. You can put your MyLikes links on Twitter and your blog. Your payment/click is based on the number of twitter followers you have. The more twitter followers you have the higher your pay per click will be.

They pay every Friday via paypal if your balance is at least $2.00 so this could bring you another steady weekly income stream,(like YOUDATA), if you put a little effort into it. I've only posted a few "LIKES" and have earned $1.21 so far and intend to concentrate more on this program and hope to reach payout at the end of the week. You are allowed to post one LIKE per day on Twitter, so if you just add one more post to your daily twitter activity it should be quite easy to see success with this program. The more twitter followers you have the more clicks you will get and the higher payment per click, so try to build up your twitter followers to get the most out of this opportunity.

Another bonus about MyLikes is that you can also make up to $4.00 per referral, so be sure to spread the word to your fans and followers after you sign-up. They also love to run referral contests and this month they are giving away the 16GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad to the member with the most referrals. Contest ends on March 31st PST.

I'm already liking MyLikes and I hope you do too!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saving Money with Printable and Electronic Coupons is Easy to Do!

You know I love finding ways to make money online that are free and easy and fun, right? Well I also love finding unique ways to save money on my purchases as well. I am by no means what you would call a "coupon queen" or one of those shoppers that can get a cartload of groceries for $2.97, but I do try to get my share of grocery deals, when the inspiration strikes me. It does take a lot of organization and planning to shop strategically and save the most money on your grocery bill. Here's a few ways I've found to make it easier for an unorganized person like myself to do just that.

1) I always use my rewards card. I keep it on my keychain so it's usually with me at all times. If you don't scan your rewards card you won't get the sale prices advertised on the shelves at most stores. And ladies, if hubby decides to do the grocery shopping, remind him about the card. :) If he forgets to bring in the card the cashier should be able to look it up with your telephone number and apply the appropriate discounts.

2) I try very hard to use coupons but hate clipping them out of the papers and then organizing them and keeping track of the expiration dates. I find that I never use them all and wind up throwing away so many expired ones that I wonder if my time was wasted on all that clipping. Lately, I've been using COUPON SURFER and just printing the ones I need right before my shopping trip. This is much faster and easier than going through the paper flyers and of course it's free! Just sign up at the highlighted link and print away.

3) I register my rewards cards with electronic coupon sites that automatically load more discounts to my cards. I'm really excited about this option that I recently started taking advantage of. Go to Shortcuts.com and cellfire.com and register your cards. Right now, Kroger is the only store in my area that participates with these sites but check it our for yourself and see if you have any stores locally that you can register for.

4) Harris Teeter has a similar online discount system where you sign up for their emails and get extra E-VIC savings loaded to your card automatically. These are usually extra savings on top of the weekly VIC specials and if you combine these with paper coupons printed at COUPON SURFER or clipped from flyers you can save even more.

So before heading out to the grocery store use these strategies and see how much you can save. For more great tips on saving money on groceries check out Jamie at I am a Money Magnet. She's got some really amazing tips and strategies on getting the most for your grocery dollars.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

IdeaPaint - Sponsored Post

IdeaPaint - www.ideapaint.com
Moms and Kids will love this! Great for homeschoolers, brainstorming, project planning, artwork, family communication centers, etc. Go ahead and write on the walls!
Doesn't this look like a fun, creative way to decorate? I'd love to add this somewhere in our house. I'm thinking about designating a wall or a portion of a wall in each of the kids rooms so they can have some funspace for drawing and planning homework projects, making notes and reminders etc. Has anyone seen this or used it before and were you happy with the results? I've seen the blackboard paint but this whiteboard stuff really excites me.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Upgrade Your Banking Experience with a $25 bonus!

Are you tired of checking account fees, minimum balance requirements, and miniscule interest rates? Are you looking for a better way to save your money, pay your bills and have greater control and convenience when managing your household finances? Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on postage and checks? My favorite bank has an awesome offer that I'm so excited to tell you about.

I've been using this exceptional online bank since 2000 for several types of accounts including checking, savings, CD's and IRA's. They offer FREE interest bearing checking and unlimited savings accounts with easy online billpay services and higher interest rates than most brick and mortar banks you may be dealing with locally.

You can open as many savings accounts as you like and create automatic deposits which will help you save towards whatever goals you are trying to reach. For example, we have a Christmas account, Vacation account, Home Improvement account, New Car account, etc. There are never any fees or minimum balance requirements so you are free to open as many accounts as you need to help stay organized in reaching your savings goals. Sure beats the old method of keeping cash in separate envelopes...yeah, I do remember those days. LOL!

And although this is an online bank, they have hundreds of FREE ATM's where you can access your accounts, take withdrawals, transfer cash between accounts, check your balance etc. for FREE!

Another awesome feature of this bank is that they are currently offering a $25 bonus when you open a new account with a minimum deposit of $250. Remember when banks used to give you a toaster or iron when you opened an account? Wouldn't we all just like some more CASH instead?

Just send me an email at

bestmommy@momsonlinemoneymakers.com with the subject line "Savings Account $25 bonus"

and I'll send you an invitation with a special link that will qualify you for the new account bonus. I'll get a bonus too and after you open your new account you'll be able to refer others and start earning more bonuses by telling your friends about a better way to bank. Hurry up and send me your email address as this bonus offer expires March 31st, 2010! Or, you can also leave your email address in the comments section. Don't worry, I moderate my comments so I promise not to publish your email address to protect your privacy. I'll only use it to send you the bank invitation. Without this bank I'd probably still be using envelopes to budget my money, trying to save up for the many goals our family is working towards.

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My First Clixsense Payment

I joined Clixsense back in August 2009 and received my first check in yesterday's mail. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had qualified for my first payment, since I hadn't spent much time promoting the site or clicking ads recently. If you're not familiar with Clixsense here's a quick run down.

Clixsense is a PTC (Paid to Click) site that pays its members for each link or ad they click on. Once you click a link you must stay on the site for at least 30 seconds until you can click another one. Most of the ads only pay .01 per click but I have seen a few for .05 and .10 per click, however, these are very scarce. The program they offer is a true no-brainer meaning you can just click ads and jump around to other windows, check your email, visit other sites, etc. as long as you don't close the open ad window until the 30 seconds are up. Then just click another ad and do the same. I usually go to the clixsense site when I'm checking my email and bounce back and forth opening new ad windows and reading emails. I've also accessed the site through my cell phone from waiting rooms in doctor's and dentists offices so I could feel somewhat productive during that time.

You can join Clixsense as a free member, meaning there is no cost to sign up and start clicking ads and making money. However, free members get much fewer ads per day to click on so there is an advantage to joining as a Premium member for a $10 fee, which is what I did. Premium members also make more money on referrals so I figured I would splurge on the membership fee to increase my earnings potential.

One word of caution. The minimum payout on clixsense is $10 but they also deduct a $3 fee for mailing you your check. So right now, since I've gotten paid $7.22 I still need to make another $2.78 before breaking even on my investment in the yearly membership fee. Yes, I said YEARLY, so that is also something to consider when deciding whether to join as a Premium member or Free Member. A good thing about the membership choices is that once a Free Member makes $10 they can then use their earnings to upgrade to Premium if they choose to. You can also set your payout figure higher, like $20 or $50 or $100. So if you're not in a rush to get paid you can save on the $3 check processing fee by taking higher but less frequent payouts.


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