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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Shopping and Money Saving Strategy

Yeah, I know what you must be thinking. Who wants to think about shopping for next Christmas when we just "wrapped up" (pun intended) the 2009 gift giving season? Well, if you like to save money on your loved ones wish list items then it's never too early to start planning. Here's what I'll be doing to make next year's budget stretch as far as possible.

The internet is loaded with opportunities to make money and save money but sometimes it's difficult to determine what will really work for you. I've decided to concentrate on a few websites and strategies that have proven to be excellent sources of generating income in the form of cash, prizes, gift cards and reward codes. Most of these sites offer what I believe to be the best form of online shopping currency----Amazon Reward Codes!!

Since you can get practically everything that appears on most Christmas lists from the Amazon site, why not stockpile rewards codes throughout the year and help Santa stay on budget when it comes time to fill his sack and load up the sleigh? I started doing this several months ago and generated over $200 dollars in Amazon Rewards to apply to my 2009 Christmas purchases. By implementing these techniques throughout the new year, I hope to be able to completely finance my family of six's 2010 holiday purchases. I know there may be a few items I can't get from Amazon so I'm diversifying my portfolio of online earning opportunities to include cash and other gift card options as well.

Here's my game plan to finance my 2010 Christmas purchases:

1) Continue to use the Swagbucks site to build up my balance for future purchases. I currently have 26 Swagbucks since joining this site on December 10th, 2009 and I'm looking forward to growing that number throughout the new year. All of my bucks have been earned through searches and Swagcodes so far. It's been surprisingly easy to do this and I highly recommend the site to anyone wanting to have some fun and make money in the process. Swagbucks offers an awesome opportunity where you earn Swagbucks for searching the web, finding Swagcodes, referring friends, shopping through their network of retailers, etc. Amazon rewards are just one of the many prizes they offer in exchange for your earned Swagbucks. You can also get paypal deposits and a variety of other great gift cards and merchandise sure to please!!

2) Continue to use my Amazon Visa card for everyday purchases and accumulate points that can be converted to Amazon Rewards. If you apply for this card, just be sure to pay the balance every month to avoid finance charges that would eat away at the savings you are trying to create. If you are not disciplined enough to pay the balance in full every month, I suggest you pass on this option and implement the others explained here.

3) Continue using SURVEY SITES that pay in Amazon rewards and cash. For example, Keynote Research pays $10 Amazon Rewards for every website evaluation you do. Opinion Outpost and Survey Head also offer cash and Amazon rewards as forms of payment.

4) Continue performing tasks at mturk.com. This site is affiliated with Amazon and offers a platform for outsourcing temporary online jobs. People/companies post jobs or tasks they need performed and pay the workers (me and you) a specific amount per task ranging from a few cents to a few dollars or more depending on the difficulty and time involved.

5) Continue to use ebates to make necessary purchases throughout the year and accumulate rebates. Ebates is a shopping portal with over 1200 popular retail websites. I used to shop their network sites even before I discovered ebates back in 2000 so joining Ebates was an added bonus! I can now shop my favorite stores and get cash back on my purchases too! And when I use my Amazon card to pay for my ebates orders I get one step closer to my next Amazon reward! Ebates pays you by check or Paypal on a quarterly basis and also pays bonuses for referring friends, so sign up fast and start telling others about ebates.

6) Keep my eyes, ears and mind open to other opportunities to help me reach my goal of completely financing my 2010 Christmas shopping needs!

So by now you may be wondering to yourself, "What's the catch? There must be membership fees involved or startup costs, right?" Well, I can honestly say that I have not spent one penny to participate in any of the aforementioned opportunities. All of them are free to join and all of them have paid me as promised. You can actively participate in any or all of these sites and feel confident about recommending them to others. No catch, no cost. With a little creativity and organization you can use one or all of these strategies to make next Christmas much merrier for you and your family!

Best wishes for love, peace and prosperity to you and yours!

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