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Thursday, June 18, 2009

mturk.com--HIT me baby one more time!

Thanks to Melissa who posted this information on www.momsmakingmoneyonline.ning.com. The website is called mturk.com and it is run by Amazon and offers thousands of jobs that anyone can pick and choose from to make a little extra cash. The pay per job or HIT (stands for Human Intelligence Tasks) as they are called, can range from .01/each to several dollars or higher depending on how in depth and time consuming each HIT is. I registered on the site a few days ago and performed some easy HITS that paid from .01 to .10 each. So far my account has been credited with $1.43 with some payments outstanding (waiting to be approved by the submitter of the HIT) I'm not exactly jumping for joy, but what I do like about this site is that you can get paid by direct deposit or in Amazon gift certificates. So, I think I will visit mturk every now and then and perform some hits and just let the money accumulate in my account until the holidays roll around. Santa can always use a little help filling his sleigh with gifts from Amazon! Just click the title of this post and you can check it out for yourself. Yes, of course mturk is FREE!

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