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Friday, May 22, 2009

Are You Utilizing Free Ad Sites?

Besides the well-known Craigslist, there are many other free classified sites where you can post ads to generate traffic to your website/blog. You can also use these sites to post affiliate links to the programs you are promoting. Just brainstorm about it for awhile and you're bound to come up with some ways to use the Free Classifieds to your advantage. Just be sure to read the fine print before posting, as some will bombard you with emails from other posters in return for letting you post.

One site I really like that doesn't send spam is backpage.com. You can post basic ads for free or choose to upgrade the ads for minimal cost. Just click the title of this post or go here http://www.backpage.com/23195088 and check out some Free Classified Ads. Post some of your own for FREE! Experiment with this idea and get some more traffic to your site or programs you are promoting. They can also set you up as an affiliate so you can post their links and banners on your blog and earn commission on any upgrades purchased by people you send to their site.

My local newspaper also has an online edition where you can post ads for free so be sure to check if yours does as well.

Good Luck in using Free Classifieds as another means of driving traffic to your site.


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