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Friday, May 1, 2009

Gymboree Lovers Get $20 Bonus and Earn Rewards on Purchases

Love to dress your kids in those adorable matching clothing lines from Gymboree? They're so cute but can be quite expensive if you don't take advantage of the sales and promotions offered by Gymboree. One of the ways to save money on your Gymboree purchases is to get a Gymboree Visa card and use it every time you shop in their stores or on their website. They are currently offering a $20 bonus (store credit) for new cardholders. You can apply at this link
gymboreevisa.com/raf. It only takes a few minutes and you'll need my customer number so they know who referred you. I'll get a $20 bonus as well. Use customer number 100 007 847 when applying and start earning rewards on all your purchases. See below for more great benefits of using the Gymboree Visa Card.

$20 retail store Enrollment bonus upon approval1
5% Discount on all Gymboree purchases2
1% Reward on all non-Gymboree purchases3
No annual fee

P.S. When you get your Gymboree Visa card in the mail look on the back for your 9 digit customer number and direct your friends to the website I just told you about so they can apply for the card too. That's another $20 for you and each person that applies and is approved under your customer number. Your little ones will be dressing in style with all of the bonuses you'll be earning!!


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