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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Earn Amazon Cash with Keynote Research Panel

Hey there holiday shoppers! Just wanted to pass on a great site for earning Amazon rewards that you can put to use right now for your holiday shopping needs. Keynote Research Panel pays $10 Amazon rewards for each website evaluation you perform. Here's how it works. Just sign up at the highlighted link in this blog post and watch your email for invitations to evaluate websites. Visit the website, browse around as you nromally do when checking out a website and answer some questions. Evaluations usually take about 30 minutes so making $20 per hour in your spare time is a pretty good deal. I participated in an evaluation 2 days ago and got my $10 Amazon reward code the following day, just in time to do some Christmas shopping.  Yes, it's free to join. No catches or membership fees. Enjoy and Happy Shopping!

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