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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did You Get Your Big Fat Payment From Ebates?

Just got my latest BIG FAT EBATES payment sent to my Paypal account yesterday. Whenever I intend to make an online purchase I always start at ebates where I find awesome deals, coupons, free shipping and best of all CASH BACK rebates on my purchases! In case you've never heard of Ebates here's a quick explanation on how to get your BIG FAT PAYMENT from Ebates. Go here to sign-up (FREE, of course!) Ebates. It literally takes less than a minute! Then browse the huge selection of network retailers that give you cash back on your puchases. If you don't need to buy anything right now, no problem--but remember to bookmark the ebates site and always return to it before purchasing anything online. You must sign in to ebates and then click through to the merchant you want to purchase from so they can track your purchases and credit your account with the proper rebate amount. I've used Ebates to book hotel rooms, airfare, purchase school supplies, clothing and just about anything you can think of. You've probably been shopping with ebates merchants already and now you know that you can get even more for your money by starting at the Ebates site first. Happy Shopping and let me know when you get your first BIG FAT EBATES PAYMENT!
Oh, I almost forgot---after you sign-up click the "tell-a-friend" tab and send an email to your contacts to let them know what a smart shopper you are and you wanted to share the ebates website with them so they can save money too! You and your friends will get an extra $5 referral bonus after they place their first order through ebates!

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