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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How I Got $100 in Restaurant GC's for $6.80!!

Good Morning!!

Just wanted to share an amazing deal with everyone. Dinners out can be quite expensive but we all need a break from cooking and the cleanup that comes afterwards, so here's how I make dining out affordable and fun for our family!

You might have already read my posts about Ebates, the site that gives you cash back on purchases you make online. In case you haven't signed up yet go here EBATES now and do that first. Then go back to Ebates, login and search for Restaurants.com in their list of stores. When you find it click on it and you should see that Ebates is tracking your visit and will pay you 15% cash back on purchases made at Restaurant.com.

Search for restaurants near your zipcode and see what comes up. Pick one or several if you'd like to stock up on CHEAP Gift Certificates. Be sure to read the fine print under each offer as most will have a minimum purchase requirement to use the GC. Proceed to checkout and use this code TASTE before you pay for your order. The code TASTE will give you 80% off the price of the gift certificate. For example, a $25 gift certificate normally sells for $10 on Restaurant.com, which is already a great deal. When you use the Coupon Code TASTE you only pay $2 for that $25 GC. On top of that, you will be getting 15% back on your total order by shopping through Ebates.

Here's how it worked out for me. I just purchased 4 X $25 GC's for our favorite Mexican restaurant. The minimum purchase requirement to use the GC at the restaurant was $50 which is no problem to reach for my family of 6.
I used the TASTE code which brought the total cost down from $40 to $8. Then in a few days I will see another 15% of the $8 (which is $1.20) credited back into my Ebates account. So $100 worth of restaurant GC's have only cost me $6.80!! Now I can look forward to 4 dinners out at a great savings!
**NOTE** The 80% off coupon code expires 8/31/09. They do run special discounts quite frequently but 80% off is the best I've seen so far.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did You Get Your Big Fat Payment From Ebates?

Just got my latest BIG FAT EBATES payment sent to my Paypal account yesterday. Whenever I intend to make an online purchase I always start at ebates where I find awesome deals, coupons, free shipping and best of all CASH BACK rebates on my purchases! In case you've never heard of Ebates here's a quick explanation on how to get your BIG FAT PAYMENT from Ebates. Go here to sign-up (FREE, of course!) Ebates. It literally takes less than a minute! Then browse the huge selection of network retailers that give you cash back on your puchases. If you don't need to buy anything right now, no problem--but remember to bookmark the ebates site and always return to it before purchasing anything online. You must sign in to ebates and then click through to the merchant you want to purchase from so they can track your purchases and credit your account with the proper rebate amount. I've used Ebates to book hotel rooms, airfare, purchase school supplies, clothing and just about anything you can think of. You've probably been shopping with ebates merchants already and now you know that you can get even more for your money by starting at the Ebates site first. Happy Shopping and let me know when you get your first BIG FAT EBATES PAYMENT!
Oh, I almost forgot---after you sign-up click the "tell-a-friend" tab and send an email to your contacts to let them know what a smart shopper you are and you wanted to share the ebates website with them so they can save money too! You and your friends will get an extra $5 referral bonus after they place their first order through ebates!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Triond.com--Another Site that Pays for Your Content

I've mentioned here before that I make money by posting "how to" articles on ehow and I've also started submitting articles to infobarrel. My latest brainstorm is a short story inspired by my laundry room/office and I've submitted it to Triond.com. Triond is another site I hope to build up content on and start earning residual income. If you feel like a quick story here's the link. And if you like to write give these sites a try for yourself.

Wash, Dry, Fold, Type

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Promote Your Blog for FREE with LinkWithin

Just wanted to point out a neat tool that you can use to get more exposure to your older blog posts. Notice the 3 thumbnail pics below this post? Now look beneath the third pic to the right and you'll see the finely printed word "Linkwithin." Click on it and learn how to use Linkwithin on your own blogs. Enjoy!!


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