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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ehow June Earnings and Article Deletions

Yesterday I received my second paypal payment from ehow. WooHoo, $17.04!! I know, you're probably thinking, wow....she can treat herself to lunch or maybe a half tank of gas, right? LOL!! Anyway, I know it's not much but it's FREE MONEY that I created with a little time and brainstorming and I'm definitely proud of that! Any other ehowers out there will understand. For those of you who are wondering what ehow is just click the title of this post to check it out.
The grand total of $17.04 consisted of a carryover amount of $3.06 from May and $13.98 earned in June. (ehow's minimum payout is $10, therefore I did not qualify for May's payment until now) So far to date I have been paid $29.26 from my ehow articles.
I have also earned $.89 so far this month (July 7th).

On a sour note, a few days ago I was notified that 4 of my ehow articles were deleted by the ehow staff. Apparently, I was in violation of one of their rules, however they could not tell me specifically what each article's violation was.
They did say that they are working on being more specific with future article sweeps. I understand they want to keep the site clean and weed out articles that are poorly written so I'm all for keeping content standards up to par, but I do believe my writing was generally coherent and basically logical with no spelling errors. I am very disappointed by the fact that my most profitable article was one of the casualties. So now ehow and I have lost a great income stream. Go figure the logic in deleting that article. So I had 16 articles published and now I'm down to 12 after the sweep. And to top if off, I realized I was not prepared to face my first article sweep since I had not saved my work anywhere else. DUUUHHH!!
Note to self: "Always save your work--copy your articles to a word document so you can go back and post them somewhere else if ehow doesn't want them."

All in all, ehow is still in my good graces. I'm looking forward to writing more and reading and commenting on others articles. The community is very supportive of each other and has given me many great ideas and advice on writing and earning income with my articles and other online activities. I did, however, have a moment of spiteful thoughts when I discovered my articles were gone so I'll tell you how I've decided to deal with my frustration in my next post.

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