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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Online Shoppers Earn Rebates and Referral Bonuses Here!!

If you like to save time and money while shopping then you've probably placed a few online orders, right? I absolutely love bargain hunting online, trying to find the best price and lowest (or sometimes FREE) shipping. I never place an online order without going through the following website to obtain the best deals, coupons, shipping specials and most awesome benefit of all, CASH BACK ON MY PURCHASES. And of course, you won't have to hunt for a parking space or meander through the crowds of teenagers hanging out in the food court.

Just sign-up at the link below and make your first purchase through this site. You will be credited with a $5 new member bonus and the cash back rebate offered by the stores you purchase from. Next go to the Tell-a-Friend tab and send invites to your contacts and earn a $5 bonus on every referral.


HAPPY SHOPPING!! Remember to bookmark ebates and start there every time you need to make a purchase!

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