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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yes, You Can Make Money by Taking Online Surveys

You've probably seen many ads for sites that pay you to take surveys. Some of them are really just selling a list of survey sites that you will have to research for yourself to decide which ones are worthy of your time. I have joined many survey sites and tested them out and will be recommending the ones I find to be worth my time. My favorites, of course, are the ones that pay CASH. And better yet, the ones that pay referral bonuses. There are also some that pay in points that you can cash in for rewards like gift cards and merchandise. But the one feature they all have in common is that they are free to join! I will never pay to join a site or recommend that you pay to join a survey site or pay for a list of survey sites. It just doesn't make sense!

SURVEY SAVVY--Pays for surveys you take and also for surveys your referrals take and surveys their referrals take. So it pays you on 3 levels. This one can really create some nice income if you recommend it to others and get some people signed up under you.


MY SURVEY-- Another great site to join. I get many survey invitations from this company and they also reward you for referring others. You accumulate points as you take surveys and can cash them in for merchandise, gift cards, or cash Join here for FREE: https://www.mysurvey.com/index.cfm?action=Main.join&r=6598598

OPINION OUTPOST--Pays in points for surveys taken that you convert to cash and get checks mailed to you or cash in your points for Amazon rewards. They also have an affiliate program which pays $1.00 per referral.


  1. Nice article. Surveys can pay some money but honestly I am not a fan since they require a lot of effort at any point they may ask you to stop as the answers are not working for them

  2. True. Sometimes you need to answer some screening questions to see if you qualify to complete the survey. It can be disappointing when you are disqualified but i still think surveys are a good "free" alternative for making some extra cash online.

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